"After 2 years of trying to get pregnant unsuccessfully, 3 failed IUIs, I was on my way to IVF. I decided to take a break for 3 months and try to conceive naturally. I came to Nicole for a Uterus massage while combining acupuncture as well and Thank g-d I got pregnant that month!! Good luck to whoever is trying."

-- Michelle M, New York City 


"In our first session, Nicole made me feel better so quickly it was astounding. And I learned more about my body in one session with her than I had after reading a half dozen books. In her warm and understanding presence, I felt emotionally lighter, more hopeful and I left with knowledge about the specifics of my body. Most importantly, I left knowing that my body is not my enemy - quite the contrary, in fact!"

-- Laural S., Queens, NY
"Nicole is the Best! " She really helped me with my first IVF cycle and pregnancy. She taught me the importance of blood flow to my uterus through her work. Nicole has deep expertise in working with women's health. Her counseling and massage techniques had a real positive impact on my fertility process. I believe in her and have come back for her magical work for my next pregnancy! 
--Shama G, New York City

 “I came to Nicole for help with very heavy periods that were often dark and brown colored as a result of a tipped uterus. During our first session, she taught me how to do my own self-care massage at home. Working with her and doing my own self-care massage my periods improved dramatically. My menstrual flow lightened, the color was no longer dark as my uterus shifted back into a more normal and healthy place! Nicole's calm, loving and caring presence also helped me tremendously too. I really believe my work with her improved my reproductive health and contributed to my being able to conceive, carry and deliver a beautiful healthy baby boy!”

 --Tricia Z, CT


Forever grateful to Nicole for her healing touch. I had my baby girl in July 2015. At a month postpartum the doctor found retained placenta and immediately I had a D&C. The D&C  botched the surgery and my entire uterus got infected and filled with fluid. A second D&C had to be completed a week later. I could not lift my baby girl for 2 months. The pain was excruciating. When I first came to Nicole 8 weeks post 2nd D&C, I was having trouble walking, in constant pain, felt like I had to urinate all the time. The doctors told me there was nothing more they could do to help me. I went to Nicole 4 times a week for 30min/60min. Within 1 week I was walking.. Within 2 weeks I had massive fluid release. (The doctors kept saying the fluid is "normal"). Within 3 weeks I was able to lift my baby girl. I have been doing the Mayan treatment with Nicole for 3 months now and my uterus feels better than before. I truly believe if Nicole hadn't helped me my condition would have continued to deteriorate.

Nicole treats your issue comprehensively and approaches with calmness. Always encouraging. She is truly incredible and has allowed me to be a mother again.
--Natalie L, Fl



 "After two abdominal surgeries in 10 months, I can't imagine where I would be without Maya Abdominal Therapy. The work Nicole does has been indispensable in getting me on the path to 'normal' digestion -- something I hadn't experienced in years! Better still, she takes the time to teach me the techniques so I can work on myself at home. It's so liberating to know that--if I encounter a setback- I have the ability to work through it. Teach a man to fish indeed!"

--Stephanie P,  NY

"Nicole is a true healer. Coming from someone who has seen many a massage therapist in New York City for various health problems, it is apparent when someone knows their craft. Nicole not only has this knowledge but is able to take it a step further with her innate ability to work with your body. You know you are in the presence of someone who truly cares when you are in her hands, which gives you an overall healing experience --one that you surely do not want to leave once your session has ended. I feel grateful to have found Nicole, she has helped me a great deal since we began working together."
--Lauren D, NY  

“Nicole is a gifted massage therapist. I have more lasting relief from her sessions than I’ve ever had. Her traditional bodywork combined with the abdominal techniques are a perfect combination!”                

--Suzanne G, Brooklyn, NY


When I first came to see Nicole, I was 37, and one year post chemotherapy treatments for Breast Cancer. My husband and I were yearning for a child and I was eager to do everything I could to get my fertility back and conceive naturally. Nicole taught me about The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage and my period had finally came back after over a year. She also recommended that I read the book 'Taking Charge of your Fertility'.  

The book and massage has changed my life! I felt so empowered to simply understand my own body and be able to follow it's rhythm. I think that every woman should be given that book as she becomes a woman. It would help so many of us to stay off of artificial hormones and contraceptives when we are young, and then become pregnant naturally and with more ease when we are ready for it.
Thank you so much Nicole for introducing me to this massage and wonderful book. I conceived within 4 months and am now carrying a baby boy :)

Thank you so much again Nicole
-Or, New York, NY

Painting by Helena Nelson-Reed