Maximize Fertility

 Nicole explains how she can help support your fertility.  


Imagine that a massage could not only make you feel good but can enhance your fertility at the same time? Many times the pelvis just needs a little spring cleaning to prepare for pregnancy. To support optimal health for your pelvis, I have designed a complete one-month cycle protocol. The effects of these techniques will invigorate the reproductive and nervous systems to naturally stimulate your ovaries, break up any adhesions of the uterus, fallopian tubes or ovaries, build a healthy endometrial lining, increase circulation to help balance your hormones, and supply optimal nutrition to your whole reproductive system.

With this package, you will receive my outlined one month protocol to take you through each phase of your cycle. You will also learn to perform simple self-care massage techniques at home to carry on enhancing your fertility daily. 

For those of you wishing to have a more in-depth experience with my personal support, I am now offering my Month Fertility Package at my practice. The package includes an initial consultation and 3 follow-up hour treatments for the One Month Protocol for $750 (a $75.00 savings). I also work with patients going through assisted fertility cycles.